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, this government takeover of health care. when the government's divided we should use the leverage of controlling at least part of government to try to get the law more to our liking. >> if that strikes you as reasonable and it does at that point, there are several reports the republicans are looking to drop the threat of a government shutdown this september if the affordable care act isn't dismantled. instead, they're looking at at approach which would result in something far worse, like economic armageddon. one of those reports comes from robert cost who writes "sources tell me the house gop will probably avoid using a shutdown as leverage and instead use the debt limit and sequester fights as areas for potential trades. negotiations over increasing the debt limit have frequently been used to wring concessions out of of administration." there might be movement in that direction. delay obama care in exchange for increased debt limit. when "hardball" asked -- we were asked by "hardball" about these reports, to use the debt sealing limit, a spokesman house speaker john boehner's office said no dec
. michelle and i, we're only where we are today because scholarships and student loans gave us a shot at a great education. and by the way, we did have to borrow a lot of money. i didn't pay off all my student loans until right before i was elected to the u.s. senate. i was in my 40s. i was supposed to be saving more malia and sasha. i was still paying off my loans. so i know a little bit about this. the point is though in the past, we've done what was required to support the next generation succeeding because we understood if they succeed, then we'll all succeed. but we've kind of lost track of that. so when joe and i came in with the help of bob casey and others, we took some steps to help make student loans more affordable. we changed the system where student loans were going through banks and banks were making billions of dollars. we said let's just give account loans directly to students, save billions of dollars so we can give more help to more students. that's what we did. we set up a consumer watchdog to help students and their families navigate through the financial options,
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)